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dream: Segmen : Siapa Bias Anda Dalam EXO-K ?

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Segmen : Siapa Bias Anda Dalam EXO-K ?

Annyeonghaseyo and assalamualaikum chingu's
     Aigoo ana betul2 nak mintak maaf sebab lambat join segmen yang unnie Yeol-Na buat.Jeongmal mianhae unnnie. Ana busy sangat hari tu. Hehe. Okay now ana nak join segmen atas ni. Kalau korang nak join click banner EXO-K tu okay ? Thankies :)

1.Choose one number from number 1 until number 6.
- Number 1 of course ^.^

2.What month is your date birthday ?
- April

3.What is your super power you want to have ?
Choose one : Light / Water / Phoenix / Earth / Teleporation / Wind
- Light , just like Baekhy. Tehee :)

4.What is the letter in front of your real name ?
- A

Now , time to tag :)

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